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Personal Loan Application

Make it easier for your clients to apply for a personal loan, including debt consolidation, renovations, holidays, weddings and more. Collect supporting documents and get compliance documents signed.

Mystro's web-based Personal Loan loan application provides the smooth and straightforward interface your borrowers expect to guide them through their application at their pace. Mystro personal loan application is entirely brandable, flexible, and automates client onboarding and data collection tasks.

Make applying easier with an interview-style Personal Loan application

Intuitive "interview-style" questionnaire guides borrowers through their Personal Loan application, step-by-step, by leveraging innovative interface and intelligent routing.

Mobile first application experience

Mystro loan application has been beautifully designed to create a fully functional mobile-first experience.

Customise your app and logic

Mystro's web-based loan application is easily adapted to a broker's needs. Change colours and text, add or remove questions, add conditional logic, build document checklists based on client's responses, generate documents and get clients to sign forms as they go through the interview and much more.‍

Request from anywhere

Request client information via Mystro Dashboard, API, integrate on your website or internal CRM.

Client onboarding automation

Mystro's applications help brokers stay on the leading-edge with a robust, evolving feature set that includes automatic client information and document requests, auditing, team collaboration, integrations and much more.

Interview-style form
Collect client information with intuitive conversation-style forms and beautiful white labeled client onboarding portal.
Automate document collection
Automatically generate document checklist and collect supporting documents with industry leading document collection tools.
Document generation
Instantly populate the client information you collect into custom agreements, disclosures, contracts, and other documents.
Email & SMS notifications
Automatically notify and update your clients via email and SMS.
Capture electronic signature
Let clients and other stakeholders review and sign documents on their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
Advanced custom branding
Customise client experience and forms with your logo, colours, images and videos.
Protect client data
Maintain peace of mind with multiple security measures, including time-limited SMS pin authentication, SSL and encryption.
Integrate and export to third-party systems via direct integrations, Zapier, or API.
Maintain a bird-eye view and compliance across the entire organisation. Assign applications to the team members to streamline data collection workflows and collaboration.
Unlimited storage
Store collected forms and documents on Mystro’s secure platform.

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