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3x your lead gen and data accuracy with Mortgage Refinance Chatbot

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Discover how to configure and launch the Mortgage Refinance Chatbot chatbot on your website.

Collect the client's details and financial information and automatically generate a qualified Mortgage Refinance lead.
This chatbot app has been designed to be an effective lead generation tool for mortgage brokers that offer mortgage refinancing services.

It collects client information such as application type, loan amount, number of applicants, residential and employment status, income and credit history, and the summary of the assets and liabilities.

Finance lead capture forms are clunky, slow, not engaging and downright dull.

No one likes filling them out, and they are killing your client onboarding experience and marketing efforts.

Chatbots transform the mundane form-filling process into a personalised consultation. The best part is that they are entirely automated, so you can kick back and relax as the chatbot does the hard work of bringing people into your funnel.

Create a conversational chatbot workflow

Create the chatbot flow from scratch using our app builder or use a pre-built high-performance templates.

Integrate bots in your website

Visually connect bots to your website pages, or use chatbot URL link as your ad campaign or online forms destination.

Collect leads on 24/7 on autopilot

Leads collected and qualified right in your Mystro dashboard, download or send it to your preferred CRM and marketing apps.

Convert leads to clients inside Mystro dashboard

Convert qualified leads into customers and start Mortgage Data Collection workflows with a click of a button.

We are here to help

What is Mortgage Refinance Chatbot app?

A Mortgage Refinance chatbot app is a fully automated conversational robot that captures and qualifies leads on your website, destination landing pages or digital marketing campaigns.

Will you help me configure and intergrate the bot?

Absolutely. Send us an email at, and we will organise a 1-on-1 Zoom meeting to help configure and integrate your chatbot.

Can I use Mortgage Refinance Chatbot on my website?

Yes, you can - without any coding or custom software development. Website chatbots can be visually connected to any button or appear at the bottom right corner of your website, ready to capture and qualify leads for you all day, every day. In fact, we use a chatbot on our website ourselves, and it generates 100s of leads for us every month!

How many chatbots can I create?

As many as you like. There is no limit how many chatbots you can create and integrate in your website.

Can I collect full mortgage Fact Find and documents using Mortgage Refinance chatbot?

The primary use case for chatbots is to generate qualified leads. You can seamlessly transfer lead data to Mystro Application Form workflow and collect complete NCCP compliant Fact Find, supporting documents and signatures on auto-pilot.

What other software can Mystro chatbots integration with?

Using Mystro powerful API, Webhooks and Zapier integration, your Mystro chatbot can integrate with thousands of business apps and CRM systems. If you need help setting up, please click here to book a calendar time slot with us.

Can I edit Mortgage Refinance chatbot?

Yes, course! You can use this bot as a base template and make all the customisations using our easy to use and insanely powerful Chatbot App Builder. No coding required. If you need help setting up, please click here to book a calendar time slot with us.

Can you build a Finance lead generation bot for me?

Yes, book a calendar time slot and let's jump on Zoom.

What is the benefit of a chatbot?

It's simple. If you use a purpose-built chatbot for mortgage brokers, your conversion rate and lead quality will increase up to 5x.

How can I create a mortgage lead generation chatbot?

Mystro is the most intuitive chatbot creation and client onboarding tool. It allows you to build high-converting white-label conversational experiences like the one above to take your financial services lead generation to the next level.

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