Collect documents up to 95% faster

Mystro accelerates and automates the document collection process.

Document Collection

A new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers

Automated lead acquisition tools for sales and marketing to connect with customers and grow faster.

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Modern Client Experience

Since everybody is on the run these days, we’ve designed our document collection experience for people on the go so they can upload or scan from anywhere, from any source, on any device.

Document List Compiler

Automatically specify and collect supporting documents based on Fact Find interview data for mortgage, personal loan or asset finance applications.

Bank Statements

Seamlessly integrate Bank Statements into your application workflow.

Guided document upload interface

Make it easy for your customers to upload documents on web and native iOS with auto generated instructions, comments and state of the art document scanner.

Instant messaging

Instantly connect with customers to answer queries, approve or reject documents and fast-track applications.

Document Management

View document submission progress in real time. Request additional, reject uploaded documents and notify customer in real time. Documents are automatically named, converted to PDF and Zipped for immediate download or export.

Broker Document Templates

Smart 😎 Templates

Simplify your document collection workflow with templates. Use Mystro built-in templates, or create your own. Mystro will merge your template with customer's Fact Find data and automatically compile and collect supporting documents.

Broker Document Templates


It's like magic (just kidding 😄- but still VERY cool). Enable "Automatic request" option in Documents settings. Mystro will automatically apply your template, compile and request supporting paperwork as soon as customer completes Fact Find interview. You can manually add / update requested document list at any time during the document collection process.

Broker Document Templates

Simplifying document collection process with technology

Collecting supporting paperwork takes an extraordinary amount of time and can be frustrating for client and broker alike. We're tirelessly working on solving this problem with intelligent technology for both clients and brokers.

Secure Filing

Automatic naming, converting and filing the documents you receive.


Automated notifications to customers reminding them of any outstanding documents and broker comments.


Fully integrated into Mystro Fact Find data collection workflow.


Manage and download uploaded documents in one central location.

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