Australia's first and only conversational Fact Find data collection platform

Help your customers accurately complete mortgage, asset finance or personal loan Fact Find as quickly as possible via the automated mobile chat interface or smart desktop forms.


A new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers

Automated lead acquisition tools for sales and marketing to connect with customers and grow faster.

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Eliminate Data Entry

Mystro automates and monitors your Fact Find interview process. Because your clients enter their own data, very little data entry is required by you or your staff. Customer meetings are minimised or eliminated. This is a massive time saver.

Data accuracy

Mystro machine learning technology ensures the data is as accurate and clean as possible. We constantly improving data accuracy and heavily investing in text recognition and data verification technologies.


Mystro Fact Find covers the questions you need to ask in order to comply with NCCP requirements. It makes compliance audits much easier since your client information is time and date stamped when they send it to you.

Customer Experience

Delight and impress your customers with a modern and fluid mortgage application experience. Now you can meet your customer's expectations and deliver the modern experience they have accustomed to.

Request Fact Find with a click of a button

Choose application type or let Mystro Autopilot handle it for you.

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Receive complete Fact Find fast

Review, make changes and export to supported Aggregator's system, PDF / Excel, email, or any other CRM software via Zapier integration (Zapier integration is currently in beta).

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Manage Fact Find, Documents and Leads in one central location. Create new applications, receive notifications when your customers complete Fact Find or upload documents. Export complete Fact Find to your aggregator or download as printable PDF and Excel spreadsheet.

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