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Once you try it you will never go back to manual Fact Find and Document collection.

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Intuitive data collection technology

Mystro Fact Find and Document collection platform is designed with simplicity in mind for brokers and their clients.

Make your client's life easier by pre-filling potions of the Fact Find.
Review submitted Fact Find and Reject any answer. Give a reason for rejection and explain how to rectify a problem via integrated broker-client messaging system.
Use Mystro broker portal to request Fact Find or send a link directly to your clients. Place a link on your website and let your site visitors complete Fact Find right on your website.
Collect Fact Find fast. In some cases in only takes 15 minutes from requesting to getting complete Fact Find back. Your clients will thank you for providing them with an easy and intuitive application experience.

Request full Fact Find or pre-qualify customers by requesting Fact Find in stages

Some clients prefer not to give up everything from the start. We've got your covered! Request Fact Find is stages by specifying which sections to request first. You can create as many subsequent requests as you like by enabling more sections as they progress to the next stage.

Simple and powerful document collection platform

Automate and Collect documents up to 3x faster with Mystro real time Document Collection technology.

Automatically merge and compile supporting document checklist based on Fact Find user data,
Create document templates and request documents as part of Fact Find data collection workflow or by itself. The power is in your hands!
Documents are automatically collected from multiple parties, named, converted to PDF and Zipped for immediate download or export.

Legally binding eSignature platform

Fully featured, secure and legally binding eSignature solution helps your clients to securely sign any type of documents on any device via intuitive mobile optimised interface. You can request signatures from multiple parties at the same time, review, reject and re-request if required.

Purpose built
Data collection workflows designed for Finance and Life Insurance brokers.
Customisable client Email and SMS templates
Connect your own email and phone number to ensure all client communications and reminders coming from your brand.
Robust Referral Partners system
Invite your referral partners and let them send you leads via Mystro. Your referral partners can pre-populate some of Fact Find data and even request Fact Find from customers on your behalf.
Custom Fact Find and Compliance Workflows
Do you need a custom built Fact Find? We can build a custom Fact Find and Compliance workflow for your organisation in most cases less than 2 weeks.
Convert website visitors to leads
Respond to your customers instantly and qualify leads on your website with Mystro automated lead generation bot.
Automated client notifications and reminders
Stop chasing for incomplete Fact Find or missing documents. Mystro automates the process and will send reminders to your clients via SMS and Email.

Our customers love Mystro

"We’ve always had dramas with clients submitting Fact Find’s and the time that invested in that part of the loan application phase was always quite taxing, the Mystro platform makes the process fast, accurate, easy and surprisingly… personal! I’ve had clients laugh at the ‘thumbs’ up emoji’s many times and it’s those tiny tweaks of personalisation that make them feel like it’s not just a computer.

The Document Collection process is equally as fantastic and when paired with BankStatements.com.au I seriously can’t imagine life without it, I’m able to easily communicate with my clients on each individual document when they have questions and ‘reject’ when they accidentally submit an unclear or incorrect document. Once they’ve submitted everything I can move it to the next stage and begin my application, It’s incredibly easy"

Jordan Knights. Haven Property & Finance.

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