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Mystro is a data collection tool to build and optimise client onboarding experiences for Finance and Insurance brokers.

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Forms and documents collected

Collect Forms

Collect client information faster with the industry leading client information collection tools.

Web forms
Conditional rules and calculations
Automatically generate branded PDF's

Collect Documents

Document collection has never been easier. Quickly specify documents you wish to collect from clients or automatically generate document checklists based on information provided by clients.

Configurable and automated document checklists
Collect from multiple parties at the same time
Seamless eSign integration


Mystro proprietary signature solution lets you turn your PDF's into Mobile Friendly Forms and triple your conversion rates.

Mobile-first eSignature & PDF Mapping
Inline sign without opening PDF's
Seamlessly integrated into data collection workflows
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Frictionless client experiences

Onboard clients quickly with less stress using highly personalised and intuitive experiences to enable higher conversion rates and satisfied customers.

Onboard clients faster

Transform clunky online forms and PDF's into a simple, enjoyable and guided client experience.

Improve completion rates

Reliably and predictably collect client information with industry-leading data collection tools that are beautiful and easy to use for both you and your clients.

Security at it's core

Your data is securely stored within our Australian AWS cloud infrastructure. Information is securely stored behind firewalls and encrypted in transit and at rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Mystro?

Mystro customers are mortgage brokers, finance brokers, insurance brokers, lenders, accountants, legal professionals, and any business that needs to qualify leads, collect client information such as Fact Find or application forms, supporting documents, and signatures.

Will it benefit my business?

If your business depends on collecting client information such as Fact Find, application forms, documents and signatures, you will instantly experience a huge reduction in data collection times, increased data quality and client satisfaction while having more time to focus on serving clients and growing your business.

Does Mystro collect client documents?

Of cause! Faster and easier than any solution on the market. Our industry-leading document collection technology helps over 2000 businesses to collect documents from their clients on auto-pilot. Collect a single document, or 1000 documents, create templates, automatically generate document checklists based on client information and substantially reduce document collection cycles while improving the speed and accuracy of documents collected.

Does it integrate with my website?

For sure! Add single line of code to your website for complete integration. Using Mystro Visual mapping tools, you can easily connect Mystro data collection workflows and lead bots to any call to action button on your website or point directly to a unique URL.

Can data be exported to other systems?

Of cause. Export client information to one or more of our integration partners (such as Salestrekker, Illion etc.) or connect Mystro to Zapier to trigger data collection workflows or export to over 3000 applications such as Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Google Docs and many more.

Is it easy to get started?

Really easy. Start your free trial, select from a range of pre-configured app templates and begin onboarding clients with a click of a button.

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Partner with us

Join us as a technology partner and get access to our engineering team to help you create and launch custom solutions for your business and clients or build custom integrations with Mystro products.

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"Mystro is a staple part of our lending business, so much so that we have now expanded it into our other financial services businesses too. Every other software solution we consider must work with Mystro, or we do not move forward with it."

Cohen Haines

Director at Haines Wilson

"We would not be able to operate our business as smoothly and effectively as we do without Mystro"

Cara Giovinazzo

Managing Director of Borro

"Mystro is such a user friendly & great product.  Our clients are amazed by how easy & convenient it is to use."

Invest Blue

Diana Di Fabio

Invest Bule Financial Advice

Enterprise ready security

Automate client onboarding without sacrificing security. Mystro protects your data with encryption during the transit and at rest, secure SSL connections and data centres that comply with HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

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