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Mystro is a simple data collection and client onboarding tool built for speed, flexibility, scale, and growth.

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A fully integrated suite of Data collection products

We bring together everything that's required to onboard clients and collect their information. Mystro products provide a flexible, modern and straightforward client-facing experience that satisfies today's customers' demands, saves you hours per deal and represents your business in the best way possible.

I have explored every single Data Collection service provider in Australia. After using them in my business and hearing first-hand customer feedback, I believe Mystro is the most flexible, easy to use and feature-rich product on the market today.


CEO at Blank Financial

How it works

Application Forms

Mystro makes complex forms simple and beautiful. The easy-to-use and feature-packed form builder lets you quickly create conversational multi-page online forms or start with pre-configured templates.

Document Collection

A feature-rich document collection and eSign system will completely automate your document collection processes with auto-generated checklists, PDF merges, Digital Signatures and reminders.

Automations beta

The simple but disproportionally powerful automation workflow builder gives you access to tools that will free up hours off your calendar and streamline your business operations.

Why use Mystro

You know what your customers want? They want simplicity. And you want them to buy from you easier. Confused customer - not happy customer.


Single touch application experience


Increase in completion rates

Customer first

Remove entry barriers and re-imagine your digital client onboarding with complete control over data collection UX and provide your clients with an enjoyable data entry experience while reducing the risk of abandonment.

Reduce admin costs

Stop chasing clients for data, sending emails requesting documents and subjecting your clients to ugly and confusing user interfaces. Mystro saves you a ton of time and money by expertly automating and eliminating these repetitive tasks.


Remove the complexity of the client acquisition process without compromising on risk or compliance. Mystro will handle workflows, detailed logs, checklists, data encryption, document generation and digital signatures while you focus on what matters most - growth.

ReferralS beta

Successful businesses thrive on quality referral partnerships. Getting access to a robust referral system enables you to grow your referral footprint rapidly. You can now take your referral channel to the next level with Mystro Referrals.


Unlock new opportunities, impress and attract referral partners by enabling your business with a compliant and straightforward digital referral system.


Entice referral partners to do business with you by making it insanely easy to refer clients and giving them complete visibility of the referral status and progress.

Collaborate coming soon

Create virtual rooms and invite clients, referrals and business partners to work on a deal in a secure and collaborative environment.

Businesses need a simple client onboarding management tool that does what it's supposed to do - providing crystal clear visibility and automating core business activities.


Designed to onboard clients faster. Gain clear visibility and easy access to fully integrated client onboarding tools and automations.


Give a flick to your complex and confusing CRM. You can get up and running in just a few minutes and start seeing measurable results.


Yes, that's right. Your client onboarding and business automation are taken care of - now you can relax and enjoy smoother operations, happier clients, engaged referral partners, and a clear path to scale.

Mystro is truly a game-changer, and we can't even imagine what our 'Digital Customer Journey' would look like without them. Kudo to the team for building such an innovative product.

Suvidh Arora

CEO & Chief Solutions Officer at Cinch Loans


Your business depends on client data collection. It's time to ditch your clunky data collection processes and CRMs, and transform how you collect, own, leverage and manage client information.

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