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Focus on your growth,
not chasing clients for forms and documents.

Collecting Fact Find, Forms and Documents takes up time and resources better spent on your core business. Let us handle your client data collection needs, leaving you to focus on what’s core to your growth.


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A modern digital data collection platform for today's customers

Our automated data collection platform uses the latest client data collection technologies via the channel customers prefer at the best time for them. This customer-first approach delivers you better results, quality data, and more engaged and loyal customers.

Onboard clients faster

Transform clunky online forms and PDF's into a simple, enjoyable and guided client data collection experience.

Improve completion rates

Reliably and predictably collect client information with world-class data collection tools that are beautiful and easy to use for both you and your clients.

Security at it's core

Your data is securely stored within our Australian AWS cloud infrastructure. Information is securely stored behind firewalls and encrypted in transit and at rest.

Automate data collection

Collect client information quickly with less stress using highly personalised and intuitive experiences to enable higher conversion rates and satisfied customers.

Collect application forms
Collect supporting documents
Collect electronic signatures

Focus on your business

We will take care of your data collection

Think of it as an employee working for you 24/7/365.

It sits on your website, email and socials, qualifying leads, collecting forms, documents and signatures.

Enable omni-channel presence
Modern client experience on all devices
Simple but powerful CRM

Partner with us

We offer a seamless onboarding experience that is simple and personalised for each organisation’s client data collection requirements – no matter how big or small your volumes.

Mystro's dedicated team will help set you up on our platform and get you onboarded quickly and easily.

Custom fact finding and application forms
Custom document collection workflows
Lead generation and qualification bots
Automated e-Sign and compliance
Integration with your website and CRM

Partner with us

Join us as a technology partner and get access to our engineering team to help you create and launch custom solutions for your business and clients or build custom integrations with Mystro products.

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Enterprise ready security

Automate client onboarding without sacrificing security. Mystro protects your data with encryption during the transit and at rest, secure SSL connections and data centres that comply with HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

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If you’re already using other data collection systems, let us challenge your current provider and see how our custom-centric automated data collection system compares.

Or, if you're new to digital client onboarding and data collection, let us be the partner to take your client data collection off your hands.

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