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Last updated 19 Dec 2023

Copilot (beta 2.1)

Copilot is your personal assistant designed to handle your instructions 24/7. By chatting with Copilot via the Mystro dashboard or simply sending an SMS, you can instruct Copilot to add clients to your CRM, collect their information, assign tasks, manage deals, keep you updated on your pipeline, and much more. Whether you're in the office or on the go, Copilot is always by your side, ready to take care of the time-consuming admin tasks so you can focus on what really matters: building relationships and growing your business.

We are bringing the power of AI to brokers. Mystro Copilot combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your data in Mystro to turn your words into the most powerful productivity tool for brokers on the planet.

Imagine this: You're having a great conversation with a potential customer in a nice cafe. You want to quickly add them to your CRM, collect their information, get compliance docs signed, and delegate a bunch of tasks to your team.

Normally, you'd have to wait, go back to the office, log in to your CRM, click buttons, enter details, send emails, and more. It's time-consuming and frustrating.

But now, you can do it all in less than 10 seconds with just an SMS to your Copilot assistant. Say goodbye to hours of work and hello to instant productivity.

Get started

There are two ways to interact with Copilot assistant:

1. Via Mystro Dashboard
2. Via SMS

Access Copilot via Mystro Dashboard

If you are a Mystro customer, you can start using Copilot right now. Simply click on the Copilot button and tell it what to do.

Access Copilot via SMS

To send instructions to Copilot via SMS, you need to connect your mobile phone number in three easy steps:

1. Navigate to Mystro AI / Copilot SMS activation section
2. Click Activate phone number and enter your mobile phone number
3. Confirm your number by entering a pin code

Congratulations! Your SMS Copilot has been activated, and you can start giving it jobs and tasks by sending SMS messages to Copilot's phone number 0483 951 364.

Copilot skills

Our mission is to make the lives of finance professionals easier and more enjoyable.

To accomplish this mission, we train Copilot to become an extremely capable personal assistant who can perform a wide array of tasks.

Our research and engineering teams are constantly improving the system and building an underlying infrastructure to rapidly expand the Copilot's capabilities and reach.

Beta 2 improves natural human language understanding, reduces hallucinations, and introduces new capabilities and skills:

Request and collect client information (forms, documents, eSign)
Manage deals
Manage tasks
Manage teams
Manage deal pipeline
Manage contacts
Coming soon: Analise and validate supporting documents
Coming soon: Provide customer service and book appointments via SMS and Web Chat
Coming soon: Download Equifax reports
Coming soon: Download bank statements
Coming soon: Create forms and collect additional client information

Some use cases

You can talk to Copilot like you would to any human. It is your personal assitant and ready to execute your actions and requests 24/7. Below is just a few example how you can use the Copilot.

Please note: The examples provided below are of conversations initiated with Copilot through the Mystro Dashboard. Similar conversations with Copilot can also be done via SMS.

Use case:  Collect a mortgage fact find, assign it to a team member, and add a task

Adding new clients to the CRM and collecting data has become 100 times easier and faster. Gone are the days of sitting in front of the computer, sending endless emails, or pressing countless buttons. In this scenario, the mortgage broker messages the Copilot assistant to add a client to the CRM, collect the client's Fact Find, documents, and signatures, assign the deal to a team member, and create a task for another team member.

Example chat message: "Send mortgage Fact Find to Rachel Baker, her email is and phone 0400000000. Assign her deal to Sue and add a task for Brandon to confirm the loan amount with Rachel by next Monday 3.30pm"

Use case:  Add a new lead, include a note, assign the lead to a team member, and create a task.

Got a new lead but away from the office and computer? Now you can quickly add a lead and let your staff handle it. In this example, the mortgage broker instructs Copilot to create a new lead, adds a note, assign the lead to a team member, and provide an update by 5 p.m. the following day.

Example chat message: "Add new lead for Chris Smith, note that he wants to borrow $200000, assign this lead to Sue and add a task for her to give me an update by 5pm tomorrow"

Use case:  Get the client's phone number and check the status of the deal.

You are on the road and urgently need to call a client, but you don't have their phone number. Not making that call could cost you thousands of dollars. Fortunately, you have your trusted assistant just an SMS away. In this example, the broker asks Copilot for a client's phone number and then checks on the progress of the deal.

Example chat message: "What is Rachel's phone number?", "How is her deal progressing?"

Use case:  Get all outstanding tasks, reassign them to another team member, and add a note.

Is a team member away today? Just tell your always-on Copilot to reassign all outstanding tasks to another team member and add a note. Simple SMS, great help!

Example chat message: "Show me all outstanding tasks for Rachel's deal", "Reassign all these tasks to Brandon", "Add a note that you have reassigned all tasks to Brandon because Sue is away this week"

Use case:  Get an update on the status of the deal.

Always stay up-to-date with your pipeline: where the deal is at, who is handling it, and what the outstanding tasks are. In this example, the broker asks Copilot for a status update on the deal and receives an instant response. There is no need to log in to the CRM or chase the status via email.

Example chat message: "Please give me a status of Rachel's mortgage application", "Tell me more"

Use case:  Create multiple tasks for team members

Want to assign multiple tasks to your team members? One way is to send an email to each of them, which can take a few minutes, and then chase for updates. Or you could log in to your CRM and manually enter a bunch of tasks (assuming your CRM supports this), which can also be quite inconvenient. How about sending a quick SMS instead and getting it all done in under 10 seconds? Just tell Copilot to create tasks, assign them to team members, set due dates, and much more. Your request will be actioned instantly.

Example chat message: "Add new task for Sue to check why app is not progressing, and another task for Brandon to check with Sue if she checked why app is not progressing"

Use case:  Move deal to a folder

You are enjoying dinner at a nice restaurant when you receive notification that the client's deal has just settled. Why not instruct Copilot to move the deal to your "Settled" folder, which will automatically trigger the client's "Congratulations email" and create a series of post-settlement checklist items for your team? In less than 5 seconds, you will impress the client even more - there's no doubt they will share this experience with their friends and family.

Example chat message: "Move Rachel's deal to settled folder and add a task to check on her in 3 months"

And that's just the start
Mystro Copilot introduces an era where managing tedious tasks is no longer a chore but a quick, enjoyable part of the day. By leveraging the power of AI, brokers can now focus more on strategy and client relationships rather than administrative tasks and team management. Mystro Copilot isn’t just an assistant - it’s the broker's strategic partner in growth and efficiency.

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