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Page X makes it easy for your
audience to access all your services from one convenient online destination.

Instantly Transform your  services into a high-converting mini-website

Convert more

Let’s face it - traditional websites are not designed to convert and make it easier for people to interact with you and buy your services.

Page X is designed to convert. It's like your super-powered landing page, putting your brand, services and offers in the spotlight and making it very easy for people to interact and buy from you.

How it works

Create your Page X and start converting the web traffic into loyal customers.

Remove middleman

Bypass the unnecessary complexities of bloated websites and drive traffic straight to your client onboarding experiences.


Elevate your lead generation and data collection with Mystro's chatbots and mobile forms integrated directly into your Page X.


Give your customers instant access to the products they need and streamline the application process. With just one click, your customers can find and apply for products that you offer and they need.

Powerful Apps

“It's kind of like a smart phone - smooth user experience, beautiful, and powered by easy-to-use client onboarding apps that get the job done.”

Page X is built on top of the Mystro data collection platform to help you generate more leads, collect client information faster and provide an outstanding customer experience.

📱 Mobile Forms

📄 Document Collection

✍️ eSign

💬 Chatbots

🤖 Automations

📢 Marketing

Reach more people

Easily create an unlimited number of branded landing pages for all team members, referral partners, upcoming offers, promotions, and instantly publish them to your company domain.

“Page X works like a modern fintech website and can transform your business into a tech-powered powerful sales machine without extra capital investment”

Grow and
scale faster

Promote your Page X via any channel such as Email, SMS, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc., and make it ridiculously easy for people to interact with your services.

Enable a new sales channel for your entire organisation

Take your sales and customer onboarding experience to the next level with automated high-converting mini-websites for you and all your team members.

Grow your customers list and subscribers

You Page X enables your visitors to effortlessly subscribe to your services and receive email or SMS updates and promotions.

Automatically qualify leads and collect client information

Use Mystro chatbots to qualify leads, onboard clients with online forms, eSign, document collection workflows and automations.

Make your services accessible and shareable

Page X makes it easy for your customers to share your services with their friends and family.

Better serve your clients and keep them engaged

Segment your client and subscriber lists. Automatically update them on the latest offers, products and services.

Unlock the power of Mystro platform

Page X seamlessly integrates with all Mystro Client onboarding services. One simple page - a client onboarding and marketing powerhouse.

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