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Grow your broking business with Client Onboarding Automation

1000's of finance and mortgage brokers use Mystro to collect Fact Find, loan application forms, documents and signatures, optimise conversion funnels, stay compliant and redefine their customer experience.

"Mystro is saving us time and helping our clients experience a great onboarding process. This is where customer experience is built."

Blank financial

Bernard Desmond

Founder & CEO at Blank Financial

"Give your clients an experience so good, they'll recommend you to their friends and family."

Collect Fact Find

Your business depends on quality data collection - let's make it perfect!

Onboard clients using more personalised experiences, creating less friction to enable higher conversion rates.

You can now engage your clients with an intuitive, secure and beautiful data collection experience using Mystro's interview-style fact-finding and application forms.

Industry-leading Fact Find
Guided interview-style data collection experience
Unlimited customisation and automation

Collect Supporting Documents On Auto-pilot

Automated well-defined document collection workflows allow your clients to upload the exact documents you need.

Create requests for multiple borrowers at the same time and manage uploaded documents with ease.

Automatically generate document checklists.
Integrated eSign
Manage entire document collection lifecycle

Generate PDF's And Collect eSignatures

Mystro online signature collection is straightforward with a mobile-friendly design that turns PDFs into easy-to-navigate conversation-style forms.

Generate branded pre-filled documents with data submitted by your clients and automatically collect signatures.

White label eSigning solution
Sign without leaving application experience
Secure with a complete audit trail

Never worry about missing forms or documents

Send updates and reminders with Mystro's automated email and SMS notification system.

Now you can always keep clients and partners up to date with changing document requirements, due dates, and more.

White-label notifications and reminders
Add attachments such as Credit Guide
Fully customisable

Integrate With The Tools You Already Use

Use out of the box integrations with Zapier, Bank Statements, Aggregator CRM's such as Salestrekker, Infinity, Connective Mercury (in beta).

Use Mystro API to build custom integrations with your existing systems to streamline the flow of data and trigger events across platforms.

Integrate with your website
Aggregator export to Salestrekker, Infinity, Mercury (beta)
Illion Bank statements
Collect payments with Stripe
Google analytics and Facebook pixel
Integrate with over 3000 applications using Zapier

Start automating your client onboarding now

Collect Fact Find, financial application forms and documents online, populate documents with data and capture signatures with purpose built apps designed by finance industry experts.

Mortgage Fact Find

Collect Mortgage Fact Find, Supporting Documents and Signatures with a smooth and straightforward interface your borrowers will love and recommend to their friends and family.

Personal Loan Application

Make it easier for your clients to apply for a personal loan, including debt consolidation, renovations, holidays, weddings and more. Collect supporting documents and get compliance documents signed.

Asset Finance application

Collect private or commercial Asset Finance applications for boats, bikes, leisure goods, caravan, equipment and more. Collect supporting documents and get compliance documents signed on auto-pilot.

Car Finance application

Automate private or commercial Car Finance applications. Collect client and vehicle details, supporting documents and signatures all in one conversation-style Car Finance application experience.


Can I completely automate client onboarding?

Yes, you can generate and qualify leads on your website with Mystro Bot, seamlessly transfer them to Fact Find collection experience, pre-fill any compliance documents with client's data, get documents signed, automatically generate supporting document checklist based on client's Fact Find and accurately collect all documents. 100% on auto-pilot.

Do you export Fact Find to Aggregator's CRM?

Currently, we export to Salestrekker, Finsure Infynity and Connective Mercury (in beta). We will be adding more Aggregator CRM's soon.

Can I use Mystro for personal loans/asset finance?

Absolutely! Mystro comes with pre-configured apps for Personal loans, Asset Finance (personal and commercial) and many more.

What else can I do with Mystro?

Mystro is a cutting edge tool that allows you to collect any kind of client information for many purposes. Our clients use Mystro to generate leads via Mystro lead bots, collect finance applications such as mortgages, business and SMSF loans, financial advice and many more. We also help insurance and legal professionals collect general insurance, life insurance, will's and many more. You can even accept payments and charge for your service using Mystro Stripe integration.

What if I only want to collect documents?

Easy. You can use Mystro as a stand-alone document collection and e-Signature solution.

Can you help me to get started?

Of cause! Create your free trial, send us a note, and we will help you configure Mystro for your needs in no time.

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