Seamless automation of the client onboarding process

Mystro helps brokers automate frustrating and redundant tasks so they can save time, increase client satisfaction, and provide a modern, mobile-optimised finance application experience for their borrowers.

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Put your client information collection on autopilot

Experience the difference of Mystro's best-in-class digital fact find and client onboarding tools.

Fact Find
Engage your clients with an intuitive data collection experience using Mystro’s interview-style fact find. Plus, take advantage of a full suite of automations, conditional rules, customisations, and branding options.
Document Collection
Design easy-to-use and precise document collection workflows that allow your clients to upload the exact documents you need from any device. Automatically create requests for multiple borrowers and manage uploaded documents with ease.
Document Generation & eSign
Generate pre-filled forms and documents with data submitted by your clients. Online signature collection is straightforward with a mobile-friendly design that turns PDFs into easy-to-navigate chat-style forms.
Calculations & Decisions
Design rules and decision-tree logic, including conditional logic rules and workflows.
Automatically send updates and reminders with Mystro’s template-based email and SMS notification system. Keep your clients up to date with changing document requirements, due dates, and more.
Use out of the box integrations with Zapier or build custom integrations with your existing systems to streamline the flow of data and trigger events across platforms.

Trusted by 2,000+ users, including some of Australia's top brokers

Blank financial

Bernard Desmond

Founder & CEO at Blank Financial

"As a Mortgage Broking Business Owner, I have explored every single Fact Find option in Australia. Following from personally testing and using them in my business and hearing first-hand customer feedback, I believe Mystro is the most efficient product on the market today in Australia.

As a brokering business, it's saving us time and helping our clients experience a great onboarding process. This is where customer experience is built.

"If you are not using Mystro I would highly encourage you to give it a try. It's the best in service - Period!"

Get started right away with pre-configured apps

Take advantage of pre-built applications and workflows designed to suit a range of application scenarios, saving you time and effort, and ensuring you accurately collect the information you need.

Mortgage Application

Make mortgage application data collection a breeze.

Collect client data with a tailored fact find, automatically generate and collect support documents, and auto-generate compliance documents to be signed electronically.

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Personal Loan Application

Automate data collection for personal loan applications.

Assist your clients with automated data collection forms and supporting document requests for a variety of personal loan types, including debt consolidation, renovation, holiday finance, and more.

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Asset Finance Application

Grow your asset finance pipeline with a professional digital application experience for your clients.

Send your clients a tailored fact-find to get just the information you need, automatically generating relevant document requests along the way.

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Car Finance Application

Your automated car finance application solution.

Accurately collect and submit the client data and documents you need for car finance applications.

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Business Finance Application

World class business finance application experience.

Enable your clients apply for a business finance and accurately submit business finance application forms supporting paperwork and sign compliance documents and agreements.

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Risk Insurance Application

Compliance-friendly automated risk insurance applications.

Avoid the manual data collection with compliant application forms and pre-generated eSigned documents for all risk insurance products.

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Business Insurance Application

Take advantage of a complete automated business insurance application workflow.

Generate and submit application forms, collect supporting documents, and gather eSignatures for a user-friendly application experience.

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Financial Advice

Speed up the SOA and ROA process to grow your business.

Create streamlined client experiences with digitised client information collection, supporting document submission, and compliant electronic signature collection.

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Real Estate Rental Application

Impress your clients with a white-labelled rental application experience.

Make it easy for your clients to submit rental applications and upload supporting documentation with a tailored automatic workflow.

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